A 22 year old University student in Canada. Through social media, I have amassed more success in the past few years than the average human does in a lifetime. My goal isn’t to brag; it’s to show individuals the power of running online-businesses. Unlike most "experts" and gurus out there, I'm not going to say I was in debt or bankrupt before social media "changed" my life - I wasn't. However, growing up, I never had the privilege of being in a wealthy family. My parents managed to accumulate enough money for me to graduate high-school and attend post-secondary. Along side my formal education, I worked a few side jobs to pay off some bills. I lived an average lifestyle.


I finally found the right model for social media expansion. Furthermore, I found out exactly how to create multiple income streams off of these free platforms. Nowadays, with only twenty minutes on my phone, I am able to generate thousands of dollars, while exponentially growing my reach.


Through Lifestyle Builders, I am able to help ambitious entrepreneurs create their paths to success. I teach my mentees how to significantly grow their Social Media presence and create sustainable sources of income from their page(s), in any niche of their choice (e.g. luxury, motivation, fitness, travel, etc.), regardless of their page size. To this day, I still dedicate nearly twenty hours a day to ensure my students are receiving the most out of my mentorship, by taking them through each and every step I’ve taken to reach where I am today (social media aspect).